Our mission is to empower couples with the knowledge of Natural Family Planning

Teaching Sessions

Teaching sessions are designed to meet the needs of women and couples in various situations: achieving or avoiding pregnancy, after childbirth, and approaching menopause.  Ongoing support is available to help you interpret your charts and answer questions as needed.

Alberta Teaching
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This completed form will be forwarded to the teachers that will be helping you.  We also share anonymized data  regarding why people seek our services with Serena Canada. Please read our privacy statement for more details.

About Us

We are a Canadian charity specialized in teaching and promoting the Symptothermal Method which is offered at a reasonable cost to interested couples in Alberta. We are also part of the Canada wide Serena Organization that works to continually improve how we teach the method.

You can find out more at serena.ca/about-serena.


Your generosity will allow us to continue our mission to empower Alberta couples with the knowledge of Natural Family Planning!

You can donate by sending an e-transfer to alberta@serena.ca or mailing us a check.


Our organization relies on volunteers to teach and promote Natural Family Planning and the Symptothermal method to Alberta couples. If you would like to volunteer to help with teaching or promotion please send us a message!

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Phone: 780-488-5221
E-mail: alberta@serena.ca

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